August 14, 2022

Spring 3 JavaConfig example

Since Spring 3, JavaConfig features are included in core Spring module, it allow developer to move bean definition and Spring configuration out of XML file into Java class. But, you are still allow to use the classic XML way to define beans and configuration, the JavaConfig is just another alternative solution. To use JavaConfig (@Configuration), you need to include CGLIB library. Annotate with @Configuration to tell Spring that this is the core Spring configuration file, and define bean via @Bean.

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Spring 3 hello world example

This tutorial shows you how to create a simple hello world example in Spring 3.0. Technologies used in this article :Spring 3.0.5.RELEASE, Maven 3.0.3, Eclipse 3.6, JDK . In Spring 2.5.x, almost the entire Spring modules are grouped into a single spring.jar file. Since Spring 3.0, every modules are split into an individual jar file, for example, spring-core, spring-expression, spring-context, spring-aop and etc

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