March 23, 2023

How To Install Angular on Windows

Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries to build Web applications. If you want to learn Angular, first thing you will need is to install Angular on your machine. In this step by step tutorial, we will see how to install Angular on in Windows.

Step 1. Install NodeJS

Follow the link –

Download the node.js installer for Windows and install it.

To check the installed version of Node.js, open the command prompt.

Type the “npm -v” command to check the Node.js installation and version.

Step 2. Install TypeScript

Open the link

Copy the above command “npm install -g typescript” and run it on command prompt.

Step 3. Install Angular CLI (Angular command line interface)

Open the link and follow the instructions to install Angular CLI and to create your first  Angular app.

Type the command “npm install -g @angular/cli” on the command prompt and press enter to install Angular cli.

Type “ng new hello-world” and hit enter to create the Hello World app.

Once you see the message “Project ‘hello-world’”  it means the app is created on the disk. Now, type “cd hello-world” to get into the app directory or folder.

Finally, the “Hello World” Angular app is created; now type “ng serve”.

Now, open the browser and type http://localhost:4200  in the address bar and hit enter to run the Hello World Angular app in the browser.

In this tutorial, we learned how to install Angular on a Windows machine.  

Now, the next step is to learn Angular coding. Here is a 10 days Angular learning series > Learn Angular 8 in 10 Days

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